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Website Basics Series Workshop at PACE LA


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This series is a set of 3 workshops for beginners and intermediate website builders and owners that want to create or improve their online presence. Whether you have a website currently, or you want to try to build one yourself – this is the workshop for you! In a unique 3 week – 3 day program you will learn how to properly build a website yourself without knowing any coding or complicated programs, OR you will be able to hire someone to build it – but know what to ask, and what to look out for in the process. Participants who enroll in this series also receive one hour of consultation with a web consultant to discuss whatever issue they face in regards to their online presence.

  • Session 1: Planning Your Website -Learn what it takes to properly plan a website, what elements and assets you need to have before you build a website, how to choose your domain name, the basics of building a search engine friendly website.  You will also be led through a questionnaire that will help you figure out what you want from a website.
  • Session 2: Building Your Website-Learn how to bring your elements together in building a website, what options (template, CMS, hiring a designer, DIY) are available to build a website and the reasons for each, how to select a hosting company based on your personal website needs.  You will also be led through a website building tool available through a hosting company.
  • Session 3: Marketing and Your Online Web Presence – Learn what SEO is all about. Learn about social media and how to decide if it is right for you, how to market your website and create an online web presence, the importance of statistics and how to use them, and learn how to maintain your website regularly.


Dates Day & Time

9/21, 9/28, 10/5      Tuesdays; 6 pm  – 8 pm

Includes 1 Hour individual consultation with me. To be scheduled during class.

Location: PACE Business Development Center – 1055 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 900B Los Angeles, CA 90017

Fee: $60

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