Frequently Asked Questions

You can email or call me to get started on your website. From the initial contact we will discuss where you are in development of you site. If you don't have a website and are looking for help building the website, I will email you a questionnaire that will help figure out where you headed and what you want. After the questionnaire is answered, I will then schedule an in-person or over the phone consultation for 30 minutes - no charge to discuss the various options that pertain to you website. In this initial consult more questions may arise, and more answers will be found. Following our consult, I will create a written estimate which will outline the scope of the project and provide the cost breakdown as well as payment terms, job expectations and basic legal talk. There are never any surprises on the estimate as it is based on the consult. Once signed and 50% deposit is received - the project begins. It's very easy and I like to get things in writing for both of our sakes. Having a contract keeps both of us on track and on the same page as far as expectation. That's it....Simple and upfront.
I believe that SEO should be technically FREE - yes - free. I have been working on the web since 1995 and there are basic rules and concepts that really have never changed since the early days of web. One of the most important ones is to build a website properly from the beginning. A properly website not only looks professional, but also functions properly no matter who is viewing the web on what computer or with which browser. SEO is a part of building a website properly from the beginning. I work with the client throughout the entire process to teach them about SEO and implement the most basic and organic search engine optimization rules. Other web designers/developers may charge extra for SEO as an afterthought, but it really shouldn't be that way. The whole point of the website is to be found on the web, and SEO is an integral (albeit not the only factor) part of being located by the right people.If you have a website and it was not built with SEO in mind at the time, I can create a customized SEO package to bring your website up to date. Just contact me and I can review your website and let you know what your options are for your particular needs. Every website is unique and must be reviewed to provide several options and estimates that will work with your budget. So in this case - I do charge for SEO as a separate service.
Sometimes clients don't know what to ask for with a website because they just don't know what things are called or what they need. I do and that's why you came to me. I help my clients figure out what their website needs to properly market their small business or themselves. Things that usually come with a standard website include:Email Catch System (Constant Contact or Mail Chimp) Social Media Connection Widget (Follow Me, Like Me etc... Icons) Social Media Sharing Capabilities (Share this page on Facebook etc...) Sitemap Generation and Submission (SEO) Website Back Up Tools Website Administrative Tools Advice on Content Organization and Development Advice on Social Media Marketing Advice on Marketing Strategies And ideas and a positive attitude to help you make the most of your website.All directed towards you and your website needs and goals. This is standard for how I work. It is not about making a site simply look good - it is a matter of developing a good design that functions properly on the web while achieving the clients' goals. You don't just get a website - you really get someone who will help with understanding the whole world of web and marketing.
Every project is unique and every client is different. The cost is based on the demands and type of web services discussed in our consultation. To give you an idea of how I have worked out charges for previous clients, I can provide some examples.Flat Rates for building website from beginning to end. Hourly Rates for consultations to assist in development or redesign of existing website. Hourly Rates and regular consultations to help in development and actually assisting in the technical build of a site. This is for self starters who dare to build. Flat Rates for Website Review Reports or SEO Review Reports. I analyze the website and provide client with list of goods/bads/to-do's. Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Billing for website maintenance packages.As you can see charges and prices can vary based on the website needs and client budget needs. If you are not sure what you need or how much something will cost, just contact me and let's talk. Depending on what you hope to accomplish and the variety of website services I provide I am confident we can find an answer for you.
The Ultimate Answer is happy to accept checks, cash or credit card / ATM via PayPal. There will be a fee of $25.00 for all returned checks. If you would like to pay by PayPal just let me know and I am happy to send an invoice with a link for payment. In general, 50% deposit is required to start any project. If you require different payment terms, please let me know during our consultation.Please Note: Please make checks payable to Colleen Rice Nelson - Thank you
  1. Initiate Contact - Let's Talk!
  2. Communicate as many details as you can either through our Questionnaire or Initial Consultation
  3. Receive Estimate, Scope, Terms and Legal Contract
  4. Sign and Return Executed Agreement
  5. Send Agreed Deposit
  6. Project Begins
  7. Communication throughout entire process via email or phone
  8. Revisions If Necessary
  9. Approval of Completed Website
  10. Final Deposits Delivered
  11. Website Published Live Online
  12. Tell Everyone About Your New Website!