Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Colleen Rice Nelson and my mission is making the Web easier to understand for you. The web is a powerful medium that I believe can be used by anyone interested in reaching an audience for fun or for business.


I have studied the web for over 15 years and found that users are not maximizing the potential the web has to offer them. Research indicates that this is due to a lack of concise and available information for non-technical users. This is why I am here. I believe information is power and providing the right information is critical to small business owners and individuals with a message.


My career in website design, building and development began with learning HTML and hand-coding web pages back in the days of the early 1990’s. From there I sought to learn everything I could about the Internet including how it functions behind the page to how users interface with the front of the page.

As my training continued, I found an information gap existed between designers and users. I have found though my clients’ experience and my own that some designers do not have a full understanding of how the web actually works. So these types of designers can build a beautiful site on the front end but completely ignore the backend. Selecting design over function can leave a website half complete and lost on the web as far as search engines are concerned. I personally feel that I have become a consumer advocate of sorts for website owners when I teach classes about websites and meet with clients. Websites are built for your users but you have to address the needs of the search engine in order to be able to indexed by them and found by your customers. A website is alot of work, and if you don’t have someone to work with that understands the full scope of a website, their business and the potential for growth then you may be throwing money away.

The information gap also exists as most designers don’t take into their clients’ future goals of their business or website. This is very common to build a site right now and then find out a year from now you have to rebuild it because the site is not capable of growing in a way for the business.

I want to bridge this gap by providing this missing information. Whether my web design services are retained or not, I want to help web users understand all the elements that go into the process of developing a web site. I believe if you are willing to make a commitment to a web site, then you should be able to fully benefit from what the web has to offer. A web page can bring results if it is made in a manner that functions properly with the technical side of the Internet. Just because you can do something on the web does not always mean you should. Everything depends on the owner’s intentions, purpose, goals and target audience.

My favorite part about consulting and working with owners of sites is finding the right solution for their needs. It is never the same situation twice and every site has unique requirements. My job is to translate those needs into a functioning, creative and successful web site.

Thank you for visiting my web site. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Questions are just the first step in getting the answers you need.

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