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From the research stages all the way to the final delivery, The Ultimate Answer has been doing legal clearance and research in the entertainment industry since 2001.

The clearance and research services I provide can find you stock photography, royalty free imagery, stock video, image licensing, public domain images or music licensing. Depending on your projects’ needs and budget, I can help you find what you need within your budget and create estimates for proposals and rough cuts.

Research & Clearance Disney Vault SeriesWell versed in legal clearance, The Ultimate Answer is familiar with all the major film studios preferences, practices and risk tolerances. Clients have included Bagg Street Productions, Sparkhill (DVD Bonus Material), LeapFrog,  Porchlight Animation (Children’s educational DVD’s) and MGM Home Entertainment Group. Studio final DVD Bonus Material deliveries have included: Walt Disney, New Line Home Video, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Inc. and Paramount Pictures. Music research, clearance and licensing clients include MGM HEG.

Every image is a unique set of circumstances for clearance issues. My experience of working on high profile projects with crazy deadlines, has refined my skills over the Research & Clearance Passion of the Christ DVDyears. Depending on your specific project, I can determine what types of photos or videos are realistic for your budget, whether or not they even exist and what type of rights are necessary for your project. From researching the image, to full documentation for studios, I can help. Working with the legal departments at the various studios has provided me with insight into how to achieve a dazzling product, while remaining within all the legal requirements. Website LinkCheck out The Internet Movie Database ( to see some of the titles I have worked on over the years. The list is a mere sampling of some of the titles I have worked on over the years.

If you have a project, and need to find out costs, please email me with a description of your project and contact information.

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