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Foreign Language Translation on The Web

Connecting Around The World Is Easier Than Ever

Have you ever run across a web page, or had to deal with a foreign website at work?  Well, have I got a great solution for you – A FREE online translator!  BABEL FISH This is a great resource that you should keep bookmarked, because you just never know when you will need it.  It offers language translation from English to the most common foreign languages (French, Spanish, Japanese, German etc…), and from foreign language to English.  You simply type your paragraph into the translation box, select the language translation, and hit the Translate button.  You will immediately see a translation!  It is that simple.


If you find a web page that you need help on, simply enter the url address, and the page will be translated for you as well.Translate with BabelFish

This is a great tool that is free, and should be used with an understanding that language translation is not a exact or perfect science.  Due to the contextual cultural variables within any given language, some translations may not be precise, and appear a bit strange when translated back.  Do what I do.  In an effort not to accidentally offend someone in a translated letter, I include a simple line that I am translating this using Babel Fish, and apologize if anything does not make sense.  I also include the link in the letter, so they can see where I am doing this translation. And just to be sure, I also include the English translation as well.  Depending on the language, you will be able to get a fairly accurate idea of what is being translated. 

This is a great tool to connect with parts of the world you would not ordinarily speak to.  You can communicate with travel agents in a place where you would like to vacation.  You can practice your writing skills of a foreign language.  You will be able to see and reach around the world, without spending lots of time trying to learn a language.

By the way, Why do they call it “Babel Fish”?  Funny story…I only know because I happen to have read the book where this name actually originates.  Computer programmers do have a sense of humor.  In the story entitled “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams, the main character inadvertently if forced to travel the universe.  In his travels he is given a fish to stick in his ear.  This fish translates all the alien race languages into a language  the user can understand.  Hence the name Babel Fish… A translating device for the future.  The original story is very funny and smart.  I suggest to read the book, and skip the movie.

Now you can impress your friends by writing them emails in a foreign language…

-Written By: Colleen Rice Nelson


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